MELBOX Fernwirken Fernsteuern Alarmieren Signalübertragung Überwachen Internet

What can the MELBOX do?

Transmission of digital switching signals as well as analog (0-10V or 4-20mA) signals from one MELBOX to another.

Remote control and remote monitoring of machines and systems from the MELBOXremote App.

Alert and report to your smartphone with the highest level of delivery security (fallback level via SMS).

kostengünstige Gebäudemanagement

Where is the MELBOX applied?

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


How safe is MELBOX against hacker attacks?

encryption + coding

All transmissions between the MELBOX and the server are cryptographically encoded using a constantly changing key and encrypted again using SSL.

Critical infrastructures (KRITIS)

Can the MELBOX also be used in critical infrastructure?

Yes, she can

By complying with the EU directive NIS2 against cyber attacks, the MELBOX can be used within critical infrastructure.


With what tolerance are the analog data transmitted?

0,2% tolerance

Precision components guarantee a tolerance of less than 0,2% when transferring the analog values.


What does the MELBOX do if the internet connection fails?

3 ways to the Internet

The MELBOX automatically switches between cable connection, WLAN and GSM surfstick and the MELBOX-server sends an error message after a 20-minute interruption.


Is the MELBOX suitable for retrofitting?

Suitable for retrofitting

The MELBOX can be screwed directly onto the wall. It is splashproof and dustproof.


As long as there is warranty on the MELBOX?

2 years warranty

The MELBOX hardware warranty is at least 2 years. Service and spare parts are guaranteed by Nagl Elektronik for another 10 years.

Application examples

Fernsteuern über Internet

Application examples

1st example

remote control over internet

1st example

2nd example

2nd example

Practical examples

Linz Textil Störungsmeldungen an die Handys der Techniker
Signalübertragungs- und Alarmierungssystem per Push Notification und SMS
Analoge Signale übers Internet übertragen
Texte aus der Brandmeldeanlage an Smartphone Handy mit SMS und Push
Gebäudemanagement und Facility management kostengünstig
Industrielle Geräte übers Internet verbinden und fernsteuern
Analoge 4 - 20 mA über Internet übertragen

2nd example

MedUni Wien Überwachung der Ultratiefkühlschränke, Störungsmeldung an die Zuständigen Smartphone Apps
Ultratiefkühlschränke mit MELBOX überwachen, Meldung an die App
remote i/o over the internet
Überwachung von Ultra-Tiefkühlschränke per Handy App
MELBOX zum überwachen der Ultratiefkühlschränke bei MedUni Wien

3. Example

CJD Offenburg Evakuieren von Gebäuden
Alarmieren Benachrichtigen großer Personengruppen
Störungsmeldungen per push Notifikation ans Handy

What do our customers say?

Our customers can best judge how good we really are.

Signale über weite Entfernungen übertragen

“MELBOX is a stable signal transmission system. We like to use it to transmit switching signals over long distances.”

Friedrich Mayer, MELBOX - Customer for 2 years
alarmieren an App

“After testing several manufacturers of similar systems, we chose the MELBOX. The speed of alerts is phenomenal.”

Erich Müller, MELBOX - Customer for 1 year
Facility Management

“We can fully rely on MELBOX. If there is a problem with the pumps or fans, we will be alerted via the app or via SMS.”

Herbert Koller, MELBOX - Customer for 2 years

Technical details

  • 16 digital switching inputs

  • programmable up to 16 buttons

  • 8 analog inputs 0 – 10V / 4 – 20mA

  • 4 analog outputs 0 – 20mA / 4 – 20mA

  • 8 relay outputs 250VAC / 4A

  • Integrated battery, power failure message

  • Programming via the web, no programming knowledge required

  • Internet connection cable: Gigabit Ethernet

  • WLAN: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac

  • Internet connection GSM: Surfstick via USB

  • Degree of protection IP64: waterproof and dustproof

  • Weight: 5.2 kg

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 315 x 270 x 110mm; Height with surf stick: 420mm

  • Supply: 85 – 264VAC / plug-in power supply

  • Ambient temperature: 5 – 52 ° C.

  • Humidity: 5 – 98%, non-condensing

  • 7 “touch color display

  • 2 loudspeakers for signaling and alarms

MELBOX inside

MELBOX iiot industrial internet of things


in Play Store and in App Store

The MELBOX app for receiving alarm and fault messages.

The highest delivery security is achieved through multi-layered linking to MELBOX.

Setting options for signal tones, volume, vibration, flash light and voice announcement (on Android).

Triggering a test alarm.

Display of all received messages with a time stamp.

MELBOXremote App

in Play Store and in App Store

With the MELBOXremote app, devices and units that are connected to a MELBOX can be controlled remotely. The status of a MELBOX input or output is displayed on the app in real time.

Fixed texts can be sent to groups. For alerting, evacuation…  Reception via the MELBOX app or SMS (fallback level).

The buttons, LEDs… can be freely configured. Color, size and texts freely adjustable.

About us

Nagl Elektronik was founded in 1992

Since 1998 everything has been about SMS. We developed the HomeWatcher for remote control of the heating and alarm system for weekend homes. The.Blue.Box-II is a reliable device for alarming via SMS at many fire departments at home and abroad.

For Coca-Cola we have developed devices for the purchase of drinks via SMS on the Coca-Cola vending machine.

MELBOX is a signal transmission system with powerful hardware and internet web application with SQL database.

Cola Automat über SMS

Alarming via the Internet, remote control via the Internet, IIOT, Internet of Things, Remote control via the Internet, evacuation of buildings, IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things, alarming on a mobile app on a smartphone, Technical building management, water cooperative, drinking water supply, water pipe association, remote control of heating, Holiday home, weekend house, alarm system, control and regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical, measurement, control and regulation engineering (EMSR) 

More references:

Tilly, PKE, Henkel, ÖBB, Norske Skog, Donau Chemie, Mayr-Melnhof, Linz Textil, Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt, SCA, Anker, Hilton, Lenzing, Böhler, Wien Energie, General Electric, Buntmetall, Böhler Edelstahl, BEV, austriamicrosystems, AIT, Baxter, Vogel & Noot, Sunpor, Steyr, Lafarge Perlmooser, Schloß Schönbrunn, SCA Hygiene, Sappi Papier, Sanofi, Statistik Austria, Voestalpine, Brigl & Bergmeister

Feel free to contact us

MELBOX is a trademark of Nagl Elektronik.

Franz Lehar-Gasse 38
2000 Stockerau
Tel.: +43 (0) 2266/66244

e-mail: office(at)

Feel free to contact us

MELBOX is a trademark of Nagl Elektronik.

Franz Lehar-Gasse 38
2000 Stockerau
Tel.: +43 (0) 2266/66244

e-mail: office(at)

Feel free to contact us

MELBOX is a trademark of Nagl Elektronik.

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Franz Lehar-Gasse 38
2000 Stockerau
Tel.: +43 (0) 2266/66244

e-mail: office(at)